Our commitment

The Japanese public, well educated and informed, considers important a correct lifestyle that is also healthy, and is therefore increasingly interested in what they eat, how it is produced, to find quality products, to know the environment and who produces.

The correct practice for us is clear: we know our partner manufacturers personally, we distribute and guarantee quality to consumers ourselves.

In Italy, the “Bel Paese”, there are more than 60,000 companies that today produce certified organic food. A significant numerical figure that concerns many aspects of the world that revolves around organic food itself, this leads us to carefully select the companies that we are going to represent.

Our policy of transparency and total traceability of the production and distribution chain distinguishes us and allows us to contribute with our work to the development of a new food culture, in harmony with the protection of the environment and the wellbeing of the person, destined to a generation of more aware and responsible consumers.

In Komorebi Trading we are convinced that to support the declarations of value there must be a concreteness of facts, we have immediately placed the utmost attention to the issue of quality and safety, which are central in every phase of our work.

All manufacturers and suppliers of Komorebi Trading are required to provide detailed information on product processing, packaging and storage.
We ask for and verify the analyses required by the European UNI EN ISO certification and Japanese customs operators, we operate a rigorous multi-level control through sample analysis on products purchased to verify compliance with current standards, we carry out a verification of the regularity of the management and implementation of processes, purchases, maintenance of facilities, equipment, plants and personnel.

Only a certain traceability of the production chain allows to uniquely identify the products: the necessary data are recorded from the confirmation of the order to the supplier for the entire food chain to the final consumer.

Every product is labelled from production to be identified and made traceable at any time, from order processing to delivery.

Each product has clear indications on the expiry date and the batch to which it belongs, to ensure traceability and traceability from origin to consumption.

Transparency in information: all data concerning products, their origin, information about the manufacturer and processing processes, ingredients, use and storage regulations are always available to our customers who can consult them freely by direct request.
We invite you to visit the contacts and to purchase these products through our network of qualified dealers or through our online shop.

Many are the projects that we are implementing and that we have in store for the future. The target? Optimise customer service, expand the product range and, above all, raise awareness that “we are what we eat”.