The Melauro company was founded in 1996 from the idea, matured over time by the innate passion of the brothers Aldo and Antonio La Ferrera, to undertake a professional beekeeping activity and to build a company dedicated to the production, processing and marketing of bee products and honey, but also jams, marmalades, spreadable creams, pestos, pâtés, liqueurs and other delicacies of superior quality.

The company has a strong artisan character and also makes use of the collaboration of other professional producers who strengthen the company itself by guaranteeing quality products without alterations and sophistication, using only honey from the flora present in Sicily and the national territory, all the biological and nutritional qualities offered by the Mediterranean nature are preserved.

The honey is collected far from active sources of pollution and subjected to specific analyses to guarantee the quality and integrity of the product. Extraction, filtration and packaging are carried out at temperatures below the thermal threshold beyond which the enzymes would be denatured.

Melauro is a leading company that boasts passion, tradition and quality as its strong and deep-rooted points of reference, and is among the most representative in both the regional and national level.
All products are certified organic, contain no OGMs, additives, gluten or lactose and enhance the fruits of Sicily with pride all over the world.

Komorebi Trading, always looking for new products of excellence, has selected and distributes exclusively the products of the organic company Melauro, in order to offer the Japanese public the best of Italian artisan products, respecting nature and consumers, offering the possibility to access a healthier and more genuine quality of life.

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