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Bosco Ficuzza Komorebi TradingThe organic farm Bosco Ficuzza is located on the slopes of the Madonie mountain system, in the municipality of Cerda in the province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

It is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level between two hills, Pero and Cannatino, which slope gently towards the river Imera; the estate is located at a distance of 15 km from the north-west coast which makes it ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. Olives were planted in this area by the Greeks 2500 years ago as evidenced by the archaeological site of the ancient city of Himera and the nearby museum.

The organic farm Bosco Ficuzza covers about 100 hectares of which: 72 cultivated with olive groves, 8 with vegetables and 20 for biodiversity and Mediterranean scrub.

Inside the farm are produced and packaged: paté, pickled artichokes, tomato puree, ready-made sauces, artichoke and eggplant caponate, jams, with the expertise of the workers, according to the ancient local recipes and scrupulously following an organic production method that ensures that the organic extra virgin olive oil and the different varieties of vegetables used in the preserves comply with international quality standards.

Of the 100 hectares of the organic farm Bosco Ficuzza, 72 are intended for olive groves, there are almost 14,000 olive trees of different species; biancolilla, passulunara, nocellara, giaraffa and cerasola. The appropriate mix of the different varieties of oil extracted allow to satisfy the different needs of customers and ensure a constancy of organoleptic characteristics and fragrances over time. We find trees ranging from 3 years up to 700-800 years of age. Their presence gives the sensation of breathing a millenary history. They are produced, always with the organic method, the organic spiny artichoke, the organic Romanesco artichoke, the organic spiny violet, the violet of organic origin, the organic green asparagus, organic onion, etc.

The aim of the European organic method regulation Reg Cee 834/2007 is to guarantee the production of genuine and guaranteed food, respecting nature itself and through a system of controls, regularly carried out by the fraud prevention offices of the Ministry and the Regional Department of Agriculture of Italy.

Without forgetting that the strictest controllers are the employees of the company themselves in the name of their credibility on which dozens of working families depend.

Organic production is also a philosophy of life; this can be seen in the slowness with which the plants grow healthily and in the quality of the products.

Komorebi Trading, always looking for new excellence, has selected and distributes exclusively the products of the organic farm Bosco Ficuzza, in order to offer the Japanese public the best of Italian handycraft products in respect of nature and consumers, offering the opportunity to improve the quality of life, healthier and be more genuine.

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