Azienda agrituristica BERGI

Bergi bio

In the eighty thousand square meters of land that extend around the hills of the Agriturismo Bergi, it is very easy to see some family members working in the farmlands.

The practiced agriculture is totally organic certified and therefore doesn’t absolutely foresee, the use of fertilizers, herbicides or chemical, in order to obtain only natural and genuine products.

Inside the company are produced and packaged: jams, preserves, compotes, honey, liqueurs, marmalades.

For Bergi BIO it’s important to safeguard biodiversity, improve the soil through green or organic fertilization, and thus allow plants, mostly of local varieties, to withstand climatic adversities, are the reasons for our choice, which has become a choice for sustainable agriculture for the environment and man.

The Komorebi Trading, always looking for new excellence, has selected and distributes exclusively the products of the Bergi Bio organic farm, in order to offer the Japanese public the best of Italian artisan products in respect of nature and consumers, offering the opportunity to improve the quality of life, healthier and more genuine.

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